You can safely continue shopping with us.

Your order and your return and complaint rights are secured, when you shop in BR and TOYS”R”US in the Nordics, even though TOP-TOY is under restructuring, and we are ready to assist you with this year’s Christmas presents.

You may have seen in the news that TOP-TOY, the owner of BR and TOYS”R”US in the Nordic countries, is under restructuring. This is of no consequence to you as costumer. You will still be able to buy your toys in our stores, receive your web orders if you shop online, and you will have the same exchange and complaint rights as previously.

In recent years, it has become harder to run a profitable business when you sell toys. The competition from online toy sales has increased, and children’s playing habits and preferences have changed.

To turn TOP-TOY into a healthy business again, TOP-TOY’s Board of Directors have decided to let TOP-TOY go through a restructuring where we will only continue operating the profitable core of our stores in the future.