Yo-yo World Champion Hank Freeman comes to BR Toys

With a bit of inspiration everyone can do cool tricks just like 3-times yo-yo World Champion Hank Freeman – who is flying in from the U.S. to show us his dazzling skills. Hank will be visiting BR Toys stores to show some of his best tricks and tips on 7th – 9th of April (in Denmark), the 9th and 12th of April in Sweden and the 11th of April in Norway.

Check out our videos, hires pictures and background info here.

Click here for the Danish, Swedish or Norwegian version.

Meet the yo-yo World Champion in BR Toys
Don’t miss this big yo-yo extravaganza. As well as a great tricks display, you can meet the world champion in person and get an autograph too!

Hank will be joined on stage with fellow yo-yo champion Jan Kordovsky, and for one hour, they will be performing the best yo-yo moves you will ever see.

BR expects a large turnout, so arrive early. Our BR mascot will be there to say hi too and everyone gets a flag, a free poster and flyer. See the schedulehere to find a store that is nearest to you to join in the fun.

Yo-yo’s never go out of style
Yo-yo’s have been around for a long time. The secret to their success is that they are great fun to play by yourself and with friends of all ages. They can be carried anywhere and the play-fun is timeless.

Pre-historic yo-yo
Did you know, the oldest surviving yo-yo’s date back to prehistoric times? They were terra cotta disks with paintings of mythical figures on them. Today’s yo-yo’s are made of all kinds of materials; from wood to plastic and metal.

When a yo-yo became The Yo-Yo
The American toy maker (and today’s most well-known producer of yo-yo’s) Duncan trade-marked the name “Yo-Yo” in 1929 and has remained leading manufacturer of the yo-yo ever since.

Even World Champion were kids
Hank Freeman started having fun with the yo-yo as a young boy, “You have to first get an idea of how the yo-yo moves by playing around with it,” says Hank. “Once you have gotten a good feel for it, you can start taking your tricks up a level.”

Find more on tricks plus instruction videos in a special leaflet at your local BR Toys store.

Hank Freeman facts
• 3-time National and World Champion
• Senior member of the Duncan® Crew World-Wide
• Hank’s signature model is the Freebird
(first released: 2010 World Yo-yo Contest).
• Hank’s style: S-m-o-o-o-o-t-h.

The Duncan® Crew Worldwide
A team of sponsored players in ten countries who represent the pinnacle of yo-yo skill across the globe. Among the Crew are World and National Champions.

Duncan Crew Worldwide has proven to be an inspiration to yo-yo fans around the world.

More customer information: The new Duncan yo-yo’s will be exclusively available in all BR Toys stores in Scandinavia and Finland from 1st April 2014. Find more information on www.br.dk, www.br.no, www.br-leksaker.se orwww.br-lelut.fi.


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