What will you be for the Carnival?

When we are preparing to celebrate Carnival, having the exactly right costume is essential. Children love to create magical, exciting worlds and stories within, and dressing up to play is a big part of the fun.

This year, we have expanded our assortment of costumes and with so many different themes to choose from, children can easily find the right costume to live-out their fantasies.  Our retail stores; BR Toys and TOYS”R”US have over 60 to choose from in Denmark, Norway and Germany.

New costumes to fire up the imagination
Animal costumes have always been popular among the youngest kids (age 1-3) and we have added new costumes to our ‘zoo’ this year: a Penguin and a Dinosaur.  In addition, we have a Peacock costume for children (age 4-7) to show off beautifully coloured feathers that fan out as they move their arms.

Children often get inspiration after going to the movies, so we have loads of costumes directly related to popular favourites. We have two new dresses (for children age 4 and up) – Snow Queen Elsa or Ice Princess Anne from last year’s popular Disney film ‘Frozen’ or check out  the new SPIDER-MAN outfit, whose new film will be released in April 2014.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) made a huge comeback last year, and they will no doubt be on the top of many Carnival “wish lists” for this year too. As well as a TMNT costume, there are accessories too, such as a TURTLES mask or a shield.

Be a Real Hero
Together with the famous Danish rescue company FALCK, TOP-TOY has created a special edition FALCK fire fighter costume for the Danish market so boys and girls can pretend to be real-life heroes. This costume is sold all year round, and is a bit more expensive because the material used on this costume is exactly the same as on the real fire fighter outfits.

Popular Classics
Classics never go out of style, and we have favourites such as Indians and Pirates or Pippi, Police and Fire Fighter too. How about a super hero costume? Batman/Batgirl, Superman/Supergirl or even Darth Vader?  For our youngsters (age groups 1-3), we expect the sweet Bumble Bee or Ladybird costumes to be a big hit once again with mums.

TOP-TOY’s Carnival Hits 2014
We expect the following costumes to be most popular amongst our customers this year.
(432726-28) Rapunzel
(432708-10/3008) SPIDER-MAN
(432550-52) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
(432338-40) Ladybird and
(431654-57) Batman

Careful Selection
At TOP-TOY we carefully select costumes for children. We have many licensed costumes from well-known quality brands such as Disney or SPIDER-MAN. However a very important aspect of our selection process is product safety which we very carefully monitor at every stage of production, and it’s not just the costumes, our accessories and makeup products are also subject to strict testing to the Nordic’s safety standards by certified test labs.

For prices and more detailed information on Carnival products in our retail stores BR Toys and TOYS”R”US please visit our websites in the different countries: Denmark (www.br.dk, www.toysrus.dk), Norway (www.br.nowww.toysrus.no) and Germany (www.br-spielwaren.de).
For press
Find hi-res pictures of our Carnival products (costumes and accessories) for BR Toys and TOYS”R”US and more on product safety in relation to Carnival as well as costume trends this year in our press room, or contact Corporate Communications, Liselotte Gjerdrum Carlsen, +45 51393823/ lca@top-toy.com