What toys will hide under your tree this Christmas?

Christmas is waiting merrily just around the corner and with it the long wish lists by our hopeful children. But what wishes will we see on the children’s wish lists this year? The toys best-seller list for Christmas ’18 will feature interactive dolls and colourful slime among other thrilling toys, predicts TOP-TOY, who runs the toy stores BR and TOYS”R”US in the Nordic countries.

”We begin to scout for next Christmas’ top hits already in January. We have to make sure that come Christmas, our stores are fully stocked with the most popular toys, you see. We don’t want our customers leaving our stores disappointed and empty-handed in their hunt for the children’s Christmas gifts. That means that we do a lot of trendspotting and that we know the hypes and fashions among the Nordic children very well”, explains Director of TOYS”R”US, Atle Bakke.

Interactive toys fill the wish lists
This year, TOP-TOY predicts that interactive toys of different kinds will be hugely popular among the Nordic children.

“Toys that can interact with the child, for instance by talking to or developing in interaction with the child have been a decisive trend in the past 20 years. Right now, however, the development in the features of interactive toys is really speeding up. The toys are becoming still more advanced and this progress intrigues the children. The Luvabella doll and the new Hatchibabies are popular examples of this”, contributes Director of BR, Christian Schmidt.

Children want to do-it-themselves in food and slime
While new technology has helped novel kinds of toys onto the shelves of BR and TOYS”R”US stores, some classic types of toys remain certain Christmas hits too. Play kitchens, for instance, in which children can let their imagination go wild and explore their talent as master bakers or chefs will sell like hot cakes this Christmas.

“Children have been mimicking adult life in their play houses or behind small desks in pretend grocer’s shops for years. This year, we expect a huge interest in different types of play kitchens, where children can copy what they see their parents do every day”, Christian Schmidt continues.

The DIY joy in the small kitchens resembles the huge popularity that DIY slime has seen in the Nordic homes this past year. The fascination in mixing different ingredients to create your very own homemade slime toy does not seem to be diminishing among the Nordic children just yet, and TOP-TOY expects to be wrapping up quite a few DIY-sets this December also.


TOP-TOY’s Christmas hits of 2018

1) SPIRE activity gym








Stimulate your child with this multi-sensory SPIRE Activity Gym. The soft padded play mat provides comfort for tummy time play, while the play arch and the detachable hanging toys draw your child’s attention and encourage them to look and reach up. Includes a flower shaped mirror, owl bead ring, bunny chime, elephant rattle and bird squeaker. Activities will help stimulateyour child’s senses and help develop hand to eye coordination skills.


2) Spire Activity Kitchen

Inspire your little chef with the Spire Activity Kitchen, which is a Wooden kitchen trolley. This kitchen on wheels features a handle for easy pushing and keeping balance, clickable oven dials for tactile play, shaped holes to stimulate cognitive skills and develop hand-eye coordination, kitchen utensils, and more! Children will love using their imagination to create delicious meals.


3) Spire Summerhouse Kitchen









Inspire the next generation of top chefs with this Spire Summer House Kitchen. The charming house design features everything budding culinary whizzes need to begin their journey.


4) My Room Rabbit LED lamp




The Rabbit lamp is the perfect lamp for creating a cosy atmosphere in the child’s room. Characterized by a fun and minimalistic design, the Rabbit LED lamp fulfils a practical need while being a decorative object in itself.


5) Luvabella Doll

Let your child comfort and nurture Luvabella. The interactive doll loves to talk and play and can offer 500 different reactions to stimuli. If you talk to her, she will answer. You can feed her, when she is hungry, give her her pacifier, when she is sad – everything you would do with a real baby. Every day is different Luvabella!


6) Hatchibabies








Interactive Hatchimal baby Love, nurture, and care for this Hatchibaby throughout its development for a rewarding experience. When in the egg phase, you can rub, pat, rock, tilt, and tap the egg to interact with it, or place it on a flat surface to watch it rock all by itself. Encourage the hatching phase with gentle rubs, pats and taps. After hatching, read the secret birthday message and retrieve the accessories from the base, which also acts as a nest for your adorable friend. Pet, nuzzle, tickle, and rock this highly interactive Hatchibaby, according to the signals it gives you with its eye colours. It’s hours of nurturing fun!


7) Cra-Z-Slimy – the great slime extravaganza

Get ready to get slimy with this awesome Cra-Z-Slimy the Great Slime Extravaganza kit! Make a variety of slimes with this fun slime making kit. Mix and make the perfect neon, glitter and glow slime – the set is complete with everything kids need for making and storing their slimy slime!


8) Gravitrax Starter Set


Fun factor and learning value are linked in the product concept by infinite possibilities of use, tasks with lasting play fun, building instructions with interesting parcours and by free building of the children. Bonus: Download the free app for your smartphone or tablet, build your own marble run system and play with different marbles and camera perspectives from the ball’s point of view!


9) Air Hogs Supernova








Motion control quad copter Take control like never before with this Air Hogs Supernova quadcopter. Infrared sensors read the proximity of your hands and allow you to control this amazing drone without a remote control. Use hand gestures to make it circle around you, move away from you, or hover in place. It looks just like magic! Learn the different input sequences to become a real master of the Supernova.


10) Laser X

Get a taste of the real-life laser gaming experience with Laser X! Battle your enemies on the high tech battlefield by shooting their receiver vest with your infrared blaster. Get pinpoint accuracy with your shots up to 60 metres! Plug your headphones into the headphone jack on the vest to hear all the awesome game sounds, including the Laser X Music Soundtrack.


If you have any questions about the Christmas hits of 2018, please contact TOP-TOY’s Communications Team at com@top-toy.com .