As the one-stop toy-shopping destination with an unparalleled assortment, TOYS”R”US is a really good bet for where to go for the items at the top of your child’s Christmas wish list.

We know what is sizzling hot in the school yards and play rooms in the Nordic countries right now, and you can trust us for a qualified guess as to what new toys will make the children’s eyes light up, when they unwrap their presents on Christmas eve.

Here we have gathered our best guesses as to what will hit the top-10 sales charts in toys for children this Christmas, but in our stores tons of other wonderful toys, games and great products for children keep our top-10 favourites company so visit us and you’ll be sure to find what you are looking for!


The heartbreakingly sweet HATCHIMALS are the next generation of interactive toys, and this time your child even has a part to play in the hatching of the present! When at first you unwrap the little fellow, it is merely an egg. But if you pet it and warm it for a while, the egg will begin to hatch. Just like a real bird’s egg, little by little the egg shell will give way and reveal the little creature within. It is pure magic! With HATCHIMALS, your children can practise their nurturing skills by caring for their new little friend from it is merely a newly hatched chick until it has grown into maturity.

HATCHIMALS come in two different characters, ‘Draggle’ or ‘Penguala’ and you can choose between different colour combinations for each of them.

Age: From approximately 5 years and up.


Find your HATCHIMALS here



Now the kids can get ready to steal the Christmas show with the first fully motorised blaster from the NERF N-Strike Mega line – the Mastodon! Just as the name suggest, the Mastodon dart blaster is one big and fierce player to come across in the blaster game and you’d better be on its side! With the high capacity Mastodon blaster, featuring a big, bad rotating cylinder, you can send off 24 darts sizzling through the air. Using the detachable strap, you can secure the blaster across your chest, supporting your grip and enabling you to perform tasks with flexibility as you set out on thrilling blaster missions.

The blaster fires up to 23 metres and includes 24 darts.

This newest hit in the NERF series will be a sure thing on the older children’s Christmas wish lists!

Age: From 8 years and up


Find your NERF Mastodon Blaster here


Cayla is your child’s new best friend, and she offers hours of imaginative play for the long Christmas holidays. MY FRIEND Cayla Party Time Doll is the newest hit in the Cayla series of interactive dolls that your child can actually talk to, and this time she comes with a multitude of accessories for her birthday party. Just place them in her hand and Cayla will talk about each one of them even without a smart device!  She also likes to talk in real-time about baking, music, math, geography, and millions of other things. Retrieving her responses from an online cloud, she’s able to respond to a huge range of questions. Ask her to tell you about herself, her photo albums, or even to read you a story.

Age: From approximately 6 years and up


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Imagine finding this little fellow under the Christmas tree! Your child is bound to fall in love instantly with this adorable LITTLE LIVE PETS Snuggles My Dream Puppy. With loads of interactive features! Snuggles moves realistically and feels and responds just like a real puppy does. Pat his head and Snuggles’ eyes will close as he barks, scratch his belly to hear him make happy sounds and give him a drink from his bottle to hear him drink. When he’s tired, lie him down and see him breathe while snoring.

Age: From approximately 4 years and up


Buy your Snuggles here



In the cold Christmas season you can easily long for the summer and all the fun you had in the warm summer days. The LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster will bring all the fond memories back and have your child building and playing for hours on end!

Head through the turnstiles to the amusement park and stand in line for the roller coaster. Slip into the front seat to switch on the light brick and off you go – wheeeeeeeeeeee! Then take a gentle ride on the Ferris wheel or head to the drop tower, pull down your safety bar and go spinning down to the ground. Afterwards there are photos to buy and food to share with friends. You won’t want your day at the LEGO Friends Amusement Park to end!

Age: From approximately 8 years and up


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The Tracy Island set is a dream-come-true and the perfect Christmas gift for THUNDERBIRDS fans! Take your International Rescue missions into space! Put on the International Rescue Communicator and take command of the THUNDERBIRDS fleet. Flick the switch and the palm trees will move back to make way for TB2. TB1 and TB3 can also launch automatically and are accompanied with lights and rocket noises.

Includes over 40 actions, lights and rescue sounds.

Age: From approximately 3 years and up.


Find your THUNDERBIRDS Tracy Island Playset here



Newest development within interactive toys, where the popular children’s show ‘Paw Patrol’ meets old-time-hit the interactive dog ‘Zoomer’. This new, interactive buddy for dog-loving children speaks Danish and Finnish and knows 150 sounds and expressions. It barks, dances, wiggles and can join you on 80 interactive missions where you help Marshall solve tasks.

Age: From approximately 3 years and up.


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There’s no terrain that this brilliant Rockzilla 4-wheel drive monster truck can’t handle! With a massive 50 m control range and 15 cm wheels – there’s nowhere you can’t go! With working suspension and a rechargeable battery this set of wheels will bring a whole lot of fun and excitement to Christmas. Who in your family can make the Rockzilla climb the biggest presents under the tree?

Age: From approximately 8 years and up.


Find your Rockzilla here



HOT WHEELS have been a hit on children’s wish list for years now, and with the new HOT WHEELS Track Builder System set they have outdone even themselves at HOT WHEELS!

How fast can your HOT WHEELS vehicles actually go? With the Power Booster kit from HOT WHEELS, they will be able to zoom off with even greater speed than usual!

Build the track and add the stackable booster pieces, shaped like arrows, for some extraordinary high-speed action. Send your HOT WHEELS cars racing down the track and watch them be propelled for awesome stunts as they pass through the boosters!

HOT WHEELS’ open system play lets you build the track in different ways, experiment and hack the track a new way, every time you play. The possibilities are endless!

Includes over 35 pieces, including 2 speed loops and 2 boosters, and a builder’s guide.

Age: From approximately 5 years and up


Buy your HOT WHEELS Track Builder Power Booster Kit here



This fantastic 3D MAGIC MAKER will be the talk of creative town for kids this winter! With the 3D MAGIC MAKER you can create your own 3D constructions and patterns. You simply use the magic gel to draw your own inventions or fill in the included stencils, put it in the special ‘oven’ and tadaa … you have the most fantastic 3D cast figures, which you have created yourself.

Age: From Approximately 6 years and up.


Find your 3D Magic Maker here



Soy Luna is the popular series on Disney Channel, about Luna, a teenage girl, who moves to Argentina and discovers roller skating, new friends, love and her true self.

And now you can get Luna’s secret diary, where you can keep your private thoughts safe and listen to the same kind of music that Luna and her friends like! Includes lock and keys, built-in MP3-speaker, 1 removable bag, 1 marker pen and 1 notebook.

Age: From approximately 5 years and up


Find your SOY LUNA Soft Secret Diary here