TOYS”R”US step up their business in new BABIES”R”US venture

The leading retail company for toys and children’s products in the Nordic region TOP-TOY expand their area of expertise into baby products

TOP-TOY, who run 65 TOYS”R”US stores across the Nordic countries, now branch out their business to cover a wider selection of products for infants and babies.

“This is an exciting new step for us”, says Søren Torp Laursen, CEO at TOP-TOY. “For more than 50 years we have established our expertise solidly within the toy retail market, and have had a passion for play, combined with a desire to exceed customer expectations. Now we will be growing novel areas of expertise and probing new business opportunities. We have a solid business strategy for the venture and can’t wait to launch the concept – this is something that really thrills us all at TOP-TOY!”

The new baby sections in the large toy stores will be designed as a store within the TOYS”R”US store with its own unique look and feel and is called BABIES”R”US. The BABIES”R”US employees, who are all parents themselves, are dedicated to the baby store and will after extensive training offer parents expert advice on the new section of baby products.

The BABIES”R”US stores will, apart from baby toys, offer products such as strollers, furniture, car seats, baby clothes and a variety of other products, which a family with a new member needs, all in highest quality and Scandinavian design. The brands in the new BABIES”R”US are all well-renowned, like Cybex, Maxi Cosi,, Philips Avent, Babyjogger, bObles, Sebra, Celavi and Medela.

Although the BABIES”R”US business concept is new to Scandinavia, it is well-known in the US and other European countries such as Germany, France and the UK, where the baby sections of the TOYS”R”US houses have proved themselves popular.

“We expect our new BABIES”R”US stores to receive a warm welcome from the Scandinavian families by offering a one-stop world of fun, cool and popular products as well as a super easy and practical way of getting all the products you need for your infant”, says Søren Torp. He continues: “By tuning into the needs and convenience of the Scandinavian baby families, TOP-TOY proves that we’re a responsive and proactive market leader constantly on a mission to offer the best costumer experience in the Nordic market for toys, and children’s and babies’ products.”

TOP-TOY begin their new baby venture in Sweden with two BABIES”R”US test stores in TOYS”R”US Kungans Kurva and TOYS”R”US in Helsingborg. The two test stores will enable TOP-TOY to evaluate and adjust their new baby business in the Nordics to suit the exact needs and wants of the Scandinavian customers. If BABIES”R”US proves itself a success in Sweden, TOP-TOY hope to roll out the concept in the rest of the Nordic countries in the next few years too.

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