TOYS’R’US in the Nordics is not impacted by the current situation in the US and the UK.

In reply to news in the media in recent days, TOYS”R”US in the Nordics clarifies that the Nordic stores are not affected by the situation in the US and the UK, as Danish TOP-TOY, who operates TOYS”R”US in the Nordics is an entirely separate company from Toys”R”Us Inc.

TOP-TOY independently operates TOYS”R”US in the Nordics under a long-term license and TOP-TOY and Toys”R”Us Inc. have no common ownership.

TOP-TOY, who also owns BR, bought access to the Toys”R”Us brand in 1996 through a licensing agreement, and today has more than 70 stores across Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Additionally, TOP-TOY runs the TOYS”R”US webshops in these markets.

TOP-TOY is of course monitoring the situation in the US and UK closely; but cannot speculate in the future of the Toys”R”Us brand. TOP-TOY can however assure that TOP-TOY’s stores will continue to sell toys to the children in the Nordic countries, regardless of what should happen to Toys”R”Us Inc.