TOP-TOY stops sales of Squishies

Yesterday, on June 19th, TOP-TOY stopped the sales of all Squishies products in all our markets after the Danish Environmental Protection Agency voiced a concern. We are waiting for more information from the Danish EPA.

When the Danish Environmental Protection Agency yesterday contacted BR and TOYS”R”US in regards to their tests of 12 types of squishies, we immediately informed all our stores to stop selling all types of Squishies. One of the twelve Squishies tested by the EPA is sold in our stores.

The EPA have tested other aspects than EU’s Toy Safety Standard does, and previous test have therefore not shown any problems with Squishies.

We will naturally not sell any more Squishies, before we have documentation for the security of the products in place.

At TOP-TOY we take the safety of our products and the children, who play with them very seriously, and we advice our customers to keep up to date on any developments in the investigations and advise from the EPA. We will also let our customers know ourselves, when we have news in the matter.

Customers may have Squishies that they have bought in our stores refunded.

For any additional questions, please contact TOP-TOY’s Communications Team at

See the press release in Danish here