TOP-TOY Norge A/S declared bankrupt

As a direct consequence of the bankruptcy of the Danish parent company TOP-TOY A/S, the legal entity TOP-TOY Norge A/S  submitted a bankruptcy petition to the Norwegian court on January 24th, 2019.

”We have unfortunately not been able to sell the Norwegian part of the business, which means that we have today facilitated submission of a bankruptcy petition to the court,” says one of the appointed trustees of the Danish bankruptcy estate of TOP-TOY A/S, John Sommer Schmidt from Gorissen Federspiel.

TOP-TOY in Norge A/S is a separate legal entity and has since the bankruptcy operated the stores as usual. However, the Norwegian business has been severely affected by the lack of deliveries and support from the Danish head office.

As of today, the Norwegian bankruptcy estate will be handled by the local trustee Thomas Piro from Kvale Advokatfirma, who has now been tasked with selling off as many assets as possible.

For further information please contact the Norwegian trustee.