TOP-TOY donates funds to Save the Children

To ease suffering among refugee children

In response to the current refugee crisis in Europe, where we see large number of children suffering, TOP-TOY has decided to donate DKK 50 for every full time employee in TOP-TOY to Save the Children’s emergency fund.

When deciding to donate money we have consulted with experts in the field of emergencies and relief, who have advised us that toy donations may not be what they need at this point in time, and that they would prefer financial support to make sure that the children in need receive the right medicine,right food, and the right psychological help.  In addition we need experts to judge if the help is best given to refugees here in Northern Europe or if it should be used to help refugees closer to the conflict areas.

We know that the money which Save the Children has now  received from TOP-TOY will be put to good use, and we hope that  by giving this donation we will help some of the children suffering.