Strong result at TOP-TOY

Today, toy retailer TOP-TOY presents its annual result with a turnover of 4 billion and a 62% growth in EBITDA. A new strategic focus is behind the strong comeback.

The fiscal year 2014/15, which ended June 30th has been a significant year for TOP-TOY, both financially and in terms of future prospects. With a growth in revenue to four billion and an adjustment of operating expenditure, TOP-TOY manages to turn around a previously struggling bottom line to a 62% increase in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA).

Among other factors, this growth derives from the fact that TOP-TOY has managed to step up same-stores sales with a promising four percent.

“We are very satisfied with this year’s result. It has taken a decisive focus on both expenditure and improvement of our BR and TOYS”R”US stores and assortment. We are grateful to our dedicated employees, who have made an amazing contribution. This year we have solved some of our greatest challenges and now see an improved bottom line, which strengthens our ambitious plan for the coming years”, TOP-TOY’s CEO Peter Gjørup states.

Early this year, TOP-TOY launched a new strategy with a list of commercial goals for the future. Among them, the company expects to grow its Nordic revenue by 50 percent to DKK five billion in 2020 and to further improve their EBITDA.

Towards 2020, clear strategic focus areas within concept development and expansion will help the company achieve the commercial goals and ensure TOP-TOY’s position as the undisputable number one toy retailer in the Nordic countries.

Closer to the customers and a stronger online presence
The main focus of the company’s new strategy is on creating a better shopping experience for the customers, when they shop in BR or TOYS”R”US, whether this happens in-store or online. TOP-TOY plans to make this happen through dedicated attention to product development, improved online presence and a more exciting shopping experience in its stores. At the same time, the company will work on a more distinct differentiation of the BR and TOYS”R”US chains.

Already now, the majority of the Nordic BR stores have gone through a thorough upgrade, which has heightened the shopping experience for both children and adults.

“We will continue to develop our company to satisfy our customers, and we are proud to present our new stores. TOP-TOY is developing at a fast and exciting pace, and we can see the results of that now – both physically and financially. I am convinced that in the future we will only see even stronger results” Peter Gjørup says.


·         In 2014/15, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) were DKK 225 MM, compared to DKK 138 MM in 2013/14. This amounts to a 62% increase or DKK 87 MM.

·         Approximately DKK 38 MM of the increased EBITDA derives from an adjustment in the method used for management’s write-down of obsolete inventory and usage of Club BR saving stickers.

·         Reductions in expenditure and the implementation of a leaner organisation have reduced the number of employees with 3.6 percent.

·         TOP-TOY’s revenue grew by one percent to DKK 4.007 MM.

·         Same-store sales increased by four percent. Five percent for BR and three percent for TOYS”R”US.


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TOP-TOY’s annual results July 1st- June 30th

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