Some BR Toys and TOYS”R”US stores are open

Updated: December 30th at 12:20

On December 28th, TOP-TOY A/S has been declared bankrupt in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Customers can still exchange purchases with certain limitations in some of our stores until December 31st, 2018.

The stores open according to the normal opening hours are listed below:

Denmark   Sweden  
4005 BR Algade, Ålborg 2201 BR Triangeln, Malmö
2102 BR Rødovre 2216 BR Liljeholmstorget
2108 BR Rosengårdcentret, Odense 2219 BR Hansa
2129 BR Frederiksberg Centret 2242 BR Borlänge
2132 BR Nykøbing Falster 3201 TOYS R’ US Malmö
2164 BR Kolding Storcenter 3202 TOYS R’ US Göteborg
2185 BR Randers Storcenter 3203 TOYS R’ US Kungens Kurva
2188 BR Ro’s Torv, Roskilde 3205 TOYS R’ US Linköping
2189 BR Bruun’s Galleri, Århus 3207 TOYS R’ US Västerås
2196 BR Borgen, Sønderborg 3210 TOYS R’ US Karlstad
3101 TOYS R’ US Tåstrup 3211 TOYS R’ US Örebro
3102 TOYS R’ US Rødovre 3213 TOYS R’ US Luleå
3103 TOYS R’ US Aalborg – 3214 TOYS R’ US Norrköping
3104 TOYS R’ US Odense 3215 TOYS R’ US Sundsvall
3105 TOYS R’ US Tilst 3216 TOYS R’ US Uppsala
3106 TOYS R’ US Esbjerg 3217 TOYS R’ US Mall of Scandinavia
3107 TOYS R’ US Næstved 3219 TOYS R’ US Växjö
3109 TOYS R’ US Gentofte 3220 TOYS R’ US Umeå
3110 TOYS R’ US Kolding 3221 TOYS R’ US Skövde
3111 TOYS R’ US Holbæk 3222 TOYS R’ US Gävle
3112 TOYS R’ US Field’s 4006 BR A6 Jönköping
3113 TOYS R’ US Holstebro 2234 BR Täby, Stockholm
3115 TOYS R’ US Slagelse
3116 TOYS R’ US Viborg
2404 BR Forum, Helsinki
2406 BR Jumbo, Vantaa
2429 BR Hämeenlinna
3402 TOYS R’ US Vantaa
3403 TOYS R’ US Ideapark
3406 TOYS R’ US Oulu-Idea
3407 TOYS R’ US Mylly
5006 TOYS R’ US Jyväskylä

The customers will be able to exchange their purchase to another product in a BR Toys or TOYS”R”US store regardless of which of the two stores the products have originally have bought in. This is possible until December 31st  2018 in the stores that are open.

For further information on customer rights please refer to