Safety issue with Karaoke System Singing Machine sold in TOYS”R”US

The popular Christmas gift can cause electrical shock if used incorrectly.

On behalf of the product supplier, PDT Ltd., TOYS”R”US informs their customers that the Karaoke System Singing Machine 123779001, sold in TOYS”R”US stores in the Nordics comes with a faulty adapter. If you connect the power supply and adapter incorrectly, leaving one leg of the power plug unprotected by the adapter, you can have an electrical shock, if you touch the unprotected leg.

If you have bought the Karaoke System Singing Machine in  a TOYS”R”US store in the Nordics during November or December 2017, you should stop using the product.

TOYS”R”US Customer Service will send you a new adapter free of charge with which you can safely use the Karaoke System Singing Machine:

For further information, please contact TOYS”R”US Communications Department at  or +45 30673916


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