Safety-cleared Squishamals/Squeezamals back on TOP-TOY shelves

As a reaction to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s (Miljøstyrelsens) tests of 12 squishies (one sold in our stores) and their warnings against this type of product, we decided to sales stop all squishies and squishy-like products on June 19 as a means of precaution.

Now we have learned more about the safety of the products and we are ready to reintroduce the product ‘Squishamals/Squeezamals’ in our stores. These Squishies have been tested by a third party laboratory, passed the new test standards set by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and are safe for children to play with.

Safety of squishy products
All squishies sold in TOP-TOY’s stores had previously been tested according to EU’s standards for toy safety, and had been proven safe. Otherwise, they would not have been admitted onto TOP-TOY shelves.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Miljøstyrelsen) tested other aspects than EU’s Toy Safety Standard does, and based on these broader tests, they identified problems with all the 12 squishies they tested.

We have now begun testing our Squishy type products according to this test method also. As our Squishy products pass this additional test, we will begin selling them again in our stores, beginning with our Squishamals/Squeezamals.

Customers and other interested parties, who would like further insight into the new test results of the Squishamals/Squeezamals, are welcome to familiarise themselves with the results here:
Test report 1
Test report 2
Test report 3
VOC Emission Test Report