New TOP-TOY strategy will drive future growth

Fast decision-making and clear accountability in support of Strategy 2020

TOP-TOY has launched a new, more agile management model to drive the implementation of the company’s ambitious 2020 strategy, announced earlier this year.

The new setup aims for clear accountability and fast decision-making, based on a strongly customer-centric approach and retail focus.

One CEO leading new Executive Management Team

Peter Gjoerup has been appointed sole CEO of TOP-TOY, leading a new Executive Management Team. This decision by the Board of Directors brings an end to a more than 50-year tradition of family co-CEOs at the helm of the company.

Lars Gjoerup takes on the new role of Chief Procurement Officer, responsible for product sourcing, product design and development, as well as product and supplier management. In addition to this global responsibility, he continues as overall manager of the TOP-TOY Hong Kong office.

The members of the new Executive Management Team are:

  • Peter Gjoerup – Chief Executive Officer
  • Henning Andersen – Chief Financial Officer, SEVP
  • Lars Gjoerup  – Chief Procurement Officer, EVP
  • Carsten Nielsen  – Chief Commercial Officer, EVP
  • Soeren Blangsted  – Chief Sales Officer, EVP
  • Thomas Meng  – Chief Marketing Officer, EVP
  • Jens Hansen  – Chief Operations Officer, EVP

The new organisation came into effect on 1 July 2015. The transfer of areas of responsibility will be completed by the end of September 2015.

First seeds sown in 2009

The seeds of the 2020 strategy were sown in 2009, when TOP-TOY’s daily management was handed over to Lars and Peter Gjoerup as co-CEOs.

Over the last six years, many gifted and visionary colleagues have joined the committed CEO team, bringing new skills and competences to all levels of the organisation. This has brought a series of major improvements, building a solid platform for launching the 2020 strategy.

TOP-TOY is entering a new chapter in its story. Massive investments mean the possibilities for customers and children have never been broader. TOP-TOY today is in a strong position to serve customers in the best possible way and achieve further growth.

TOP-TOY will share more information about Strategy 2020 in its annual performance report, which will be published in October this year.