Interactive animals, creative toys and games top the children’s wish lists this X-mas

The toy chains BR and TOYS”R”US in the Nordics report that especially interactive creatures, creative toys and games will be hiding underneath the branches of the Nordic Christmas trees this year.

With more than 50 years of experience in picking out the Christmas gifts that will be at the top of the children’s wish list, TOP-TOY can if any call themselves Santa’s helpers. Almost a year in advance, TOP-TOY’s Purchasing Team is busy roaming the toy markets of Asia, the US and Europe for ample supplies of next year’s top Christmas trends in toys.

TOP-TOY’s Chief Commercial officer, Carsten Nielsen, predicts that the most popular toys this Christmas will be cute interactive teddies, toy sets, which the children create, build or mix themselves and games: “We see that once again this Christmas interactive toys will be a notable trend, along with create toys, where the kids build, mix or create the play experience themselves, and we have also noted a demand for toys that allow the children to play with or challenge each other.”

The top hits on the children’s Christmas wish list for 2017 will be:

LEGO 17101 BOOST Creative Toolbox

Combine the versatile LEGO building system with advanced technology to boost your creativity with the awesome LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox. Download the free tablet app to your device and follow the step-by-step instructions to build and code any of the 5 multifunctional models.

From 7 years

You can find and read more about LEGO Boost on either BR or TOYS”R”US.


HATCHIMALS Surprise Peacat and Surprise Giraven

Enjoy double the caring and nurturing fun with these HATCHIMALS Surprise Peacat or Surprise Giraven plushes! Guide these adorable twins through 5 stages of their lives by looking for light signals and reacting appropriately. Featuring in-egg, hatching, baby, toddler and kid stages that each has their own problems and solutions, making for highly rewarding interaction. Each twin has different personalities but are happiest when they’re face-to-face, where they love to interact! Twins are approx. 15 cm.

From 3 years

Here you can find the new Hatchimals in either BR or TOYS”R”US.


LITTLE LIVE PETS Snuggles My Dream Puppy

Fall in love instantly with this adorable LITTLE LIVE PETS Snuggles My Dream Puppy. With loads of interactive features! Snuggles moves realistically and feels and responds just like a real puppy does. Pat his head and Snuggles eyes will close as he barks, scratch his belly to hear him make happy sounds and give him a drink from his bottle to hear him drink. When he’s tired, lie him down and see him breathe while snoring. Comes with 1 bottle, 1 adoption certificate and instructions. 16 cm.

From 5 years

Here you can find Snuggles in either BR or TOYS”R”US .


LLP Cuddles My Dream Kitten

Enjoy all the fun of a real kitten with this LITTLE LIVE PETS Cuddles My Dream Kitten. This highly interactive toy reacts to you and lets you know what it wants. Scratch the head or chin to activate purring nuzzling, place the muzzle against the bowl to hear drinking noises, or pet the back to watch the tail wag and hear purring. When it’s time to sleep, Cuddles’ eyes will close so you know she’s asleep. It’s like having the real thing!

From 5 years.

Here you can find your Cuddles in either BR or TOYS”R”US.


FLEXI-TRAX CARS 3 Florida Speedway

Get ready for racing thrills with this FLEXI-TRAX CARS 3 Florida Speedway! This easy-to-assemble track with snap-together FLEXI-TRAX pieces give your little one all the fun and excitement of racing right at their fingertips. Watch the motorized Lightning McQueen do lap after lap as he tries to defeat his opponents (other cars not included). Includes 1 Lightning McQueen car, 129 track pieces and 1 speedway backdrop.

From 3 years.

Here you can find your Florida Speedway in either BR or TOYS”R”US.


Marcus & Martinus Bedclothes















For young fans of the popular twins, Marcus and Martinus this Oeko-tex certified bedding will be a dream come true this Christmas. You can supplement the bedding with plush pillows, a fleece blanket and other Marcus and Martinus merchandise from BR’s and TOYS”R”US’ assortment to get the right fan look in your room.

You can buy the Marcus and Martinus bedding in physical BR and TOYS”R”US stores in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Iceland.

Laser X

Get a taste of the real-life laser gaming experience with Laser X! Battle your friends on the high tech battlefield by shooting their receiver vest with your blaster. Get pinpoint accuracy with your shots up to 60 metres! Plug your headphones into the headphone jack on the vest to hear all the awesome game sounds, including the Laser X Music Soundtrack. The game can be played by two or more, depending on available sets. Includes 2 Laser X Blasters and 2 receiver vests.

From 4 years.

Here you can find your Laser X in either BR or TOYS”R”US.


LEGO Friends 41317 Sunshine Catamaran

Take a luxury cruise on the LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran, with a sun deck, pool, bridge, slide, spiral stairs, garage and sliding doors into the living quarters. Lift the top off the boat for easy access to the kitchen, bedrooms and lounge with a clear bottom. Use the personal water scooter to pull the banana boat or inflatable ring, and play with the friendly dolphin all day long. Includes 3 mini-doll figures and 2 dolphin figures.

From 4 years

Here you can find your sunshine catamaran in either BR or TOYS”R”US.


LEGO City 60141 Police Station

Be part of the action with the LEGO City police as they try to keep the crooks in line, featuring a 3-level Police Station loaded with accessory elements, a jail cell with exploding wall function, watchtower, garage and offices, helicopter, police pursuit car and police motorbike, plus the crooks’ truck with rotating, extendable cherry picker. Includes 7 minifigures plus a police dog figure.

Here you can find your LEGO City Police Station in either BR or TOYS”R”US.


NERF N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Retaliator Blaster

Aim for victory with the Retaliator 4-in-1 blaster from NERF’s N-Strike Elite line, letting you experience the ultimate in blaster performance! The NERF N-Strike Elite Retaliator is an incredible blaster that can be modified in four different ways to suit the style of the specific mission. Using the barrel extension and stock, you can easily go from one configuration to another and take your competition by surprise. The barrel extension has both top and bottom Tactical Rails giving you more customization possibilities, and the stock can be attached or removed. NERF’s Sonic Ice Retaliator comes in an eye-catching clear blue design with bright pops of orange. Fires up to 20 metres. Includes barrel extension, stock, quick reload clip and 12 darts.

From 8 years

Here you can find your Nerf Sonic Ice Blaster in either BR or TOYS”R”US.


OONIES Starter Pack

Inflate, stick and create with this OONIES Starter Pack! Use the OONIES inflator to inflate these amazing tiny pellets to different sized balloons, so you can design your very own OONIES characters. The only limit is your imagination! Challange your friends and family to games that test whose creation is the best! Includes 1 Oonies inflator, 36 Ooonies pellets, 6 Oonie connectors, 18 Oonie deco bits, 6 display connectors, 12 Oonie eyes and 1 instruction manual.

From 4 years

Here you can find your Onnies Starter Pack in either BR or TOYS”R”US.


SPIRE Island Tree House

Enjoy a world of idyllic make-believe with the Island Tree House. Open up the front door to set the table and enjoy a nice meal, or retreat upstairs to have a lie down and check on the four adorable baby bunnies sleeping in their crib. A slide, tyre-swing and row-boat means there’s plenty to do outside as well! It’s getting dark, let’s switch on the light and listen to the tranquililty sounds. Includes a tree house with light & sound, 2 rabbit fugures, removable furniture and a crib with sleeping bunnies.

From 12 months

Here you can find your Spire Island Tree House in either BR or TOYS”R”US.



Boost the fun with Froggy Party! The new game stimulates the imagination of the children with hours of entertainment. The children place the water lily in a circle around the frog and follow the instructions to begin the game. The contender, who reaches the water lily first, when the gong sounds, gets a cool frog stamp on the hand, and at the end of the game, the contender who has the most stamps on the hand, wins. Every game is new with fifty different activities.

From 4 years.

Here you can find your Froggy Party in either BR or TOYS”R”US.



Create magic with the Fairy Wand from OF DRAGONS, FAIRIES & WIZARDS!

The wand lets children enter a world of friendship, magic and spectacular adventures where they get to interact with a magical fairy. Fairy Fern lives inside this specific Fairy Wand, and she cannot wait to unleash all her magic! Thanks to two vibrant LCD screens, it is easy to see the magic inside. By simply swishing and flicking the wand, kids can cast 14 spells including Fern’s unique spells ‘Love’, ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Butterfly’. The Fairy Wand is the perfect toy for creative kids who love to engage in imaginary play, letting them animate a fairy friend and set out on awesome interactive adventures. Use the Fairy Wand with the OF DRAGONS, FAIRIES & WIZARDS Magical Pixie House (sold separately) to cast spells and activate other adventures. The box includes 1 Fairy Wand, 1 rechargeable battery, 1 USB charging cord and a spell booklet. Fairy Wand: 34.5 x 6 x 7 cm

From 6 years

Here you can find your Fairy Wand in either BR or TOYS”R”US.