Celebrating 5 years of commitment to the UN Global Compact today

On January 8th 2010, TOP-TOY became a signatory of the UN Global Compact. We are proud to celebrate 5 years of embedding the sustainability principles of the Compact in our business.

As a family-owned company, we have always acknowledged and accepted our responsibility to the society we are part of.

Joining the UN Global Compact five years ago was therefore a natural continuation of more than 50 years of responsible business conduct aimed at making children smile.

What is the UN Global Compact?
The UN Global Compact is a global framework that promotes responsible business practices. Companies, who join commit to support and integrate ten principles in their strategies and day-to-day operations. The ten principles cover a set of core values in areas of human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption.

Why has TOP-TOY signed the Global Compact?
The UN Global Compact provides us with a platform to strengthen our continuous commitment to sustainability.

A good example is the Compact’s Labour principles, which are based upon the ILO standards. At TOP-TOY, we use these standards to guide the work that we do to ensure we have safe and healthy working conditions for the people working at our supplier factories. This helps us ensure that the rights of these people are respected, but it also helps us protect TOP-TOY’s reputation.

Reporting on our progress in our yearly Performance Report
Our commitment to the UN Global Compact also involves an obligation to report the progress we are making to integrate the ten principles in an annual report. In our yearly Performance Report, we describe our progress during the year and also set goals for improvements for the coming year.

You can read the full performance report here. More information on how we work with sustainability can be found here.

UN Global Compact website
Visit the UN Global Compact website to learn more about the UN Global Compact.