BR releases a list of toys anticipated to be the most popular hits this Christmas

Fun, cute and interactive toys are all part of BR’s top-12 Christmas list this year that will help parents, grand-parents and other customers live up to a perfect Christmas for their children. These toys can all be found in the BR stores, online or through the BR wishlist app.

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BR offers an assortment of fun, inspirational and quality toys and children’s products to the younger crowd of children, targeting the 0-8 year olds. It includes a number of well-known brands, comprising a broad range of creative and educational products and other popular items.

Also, the company has introduced a new line of BR branded products, which are exclusively sold in the BR stores. These include the BR Wood and BR Bath product lines, which have all been developed to support the learning abilities, creative thinking and development of children aged 0-3 years.

BR’s rigid safety standards ensure that every product have been thoroughly tested and comply will all international safety standards before they hit the stores so that children can have a fun, engaging and most importantly safe playing experience, also this Christmas.

A variety of classical toys, interactive dolls and toys as well as FSC® wooden products are all part of this year’s Christmas toy hits that BR recommends will provide children with endless hours of happy play. BR knows what children want and how to make them happy.

The BR top-12 list for Christmas (read more details on each product below)

•    BR Baby Chicken Egg Run
•    BR Wooden Activity Walker
•    V-TECH Toot-Toot Garage
•    My Friend Freddy Bear
•    BR Creative Aquadoodle Classic Mat
•    COLOR KIDS Kinetic Sand
•    QUIXELS Turbo Dryer Set
•    MY SWEET BOUTIQUE Magic Eyes Styling Head
•    BEBBELLINO Baby Doll
•    MINIONS Tumbling Stewart
•    TJ JUICE Sonar Copter
•    LEGO FRIENDS Popstar bus

Roll-out of new BR identity in the stores
During the past two years, an extensive modernisation of Nordic BR stores has been carried out. The stores now have a complete new design that will make it even more fun for children and adults alike to explore BR’s vast universe of toys.

New Club BR
A process of digitalising Club BR has been initiated, which includes offering parents a number of new features, such as the digitalisation of saving stickers, changing the membership configuration towards a family structure and releasing new apps, including the wishlish app.

The wishlist app makes it easy and fun for children to choose their favorite toys and add them to their very own wish list. Parents can then share the wish list with family and friends via email, text or Facebook. The app can be downloaded for free on App Store and on Google Play.

Additional information
You can download pictures of all products on the Christmas top-12 list here.

For more information, please contact the Communications & Sustainability Department, +45 30673916,


The BR top-12 list for Christmas in more detail:

•    BR Baby Chicken Egg Run is part of BR’s toddler category and enables children from 12 months of age to develop their coordination between hand and eye and stimulate early logical thinking. Just press the chicken’s wing to see her lay an egg and watch it spiral down the egg run with fun tunes!Recommended for children from 12 months of age. Only in BR.

•    BR Wooden Activity Walker was recently launched as part of BR’s new wooden line of FSC® certified products. Keep your little ones busy as they toddle around the living room on this fun BR Activity Walker. With rubber-tyred wheels, spinners, bead tracks and much more!  It is made from FSC® certified wood, which means that the product supports responsible forestry and is certified in accordance with FSC rules. Recommended for children aged 1-2 years. Only in BR.

•    V-TECH Toot-Toot Garage is a new interactive play garage for kids aged 1-5 years. See your little ones learn as they play with this fun VTECH Toot-Toot Drivers Garage. It encourages language development, motor skills, and imaginative play. With a helicopter pad, working lift and gate, light-up buttons with phrases, music and more! Recommended for children aged 1-5 years.

•    My Friend Freddy bear. One of this year’s most-wanted Christmas hits is expected to be My Friend Freddy, an interactive teddy bear which aids the developmental skills of young children. It can be connected to a smart device and controlled via an app. Freddy is no ordinary teddy bear. He speaks directly to your child! Download the free app, type in details about your child’s world into Freddy’s app and he will incorporate them into the things he says. His mouth even moves when he speaks! He’ll giggle and react when you tickle him. The app comes with fun educational games, stories and more!Recommended for children aged 2-6 years. Only in BR

.•    BR Creative Aquadoodle Classic Mat is a fun painting experience for kids aged 2 years and up. Your child will enjoy exploring their creative side on the BR Aquadoodle Classic Mat. Children can hold the chucky drawing pen with ease. All your child needs to do is to add water to the pen and they can start doodling. Recommended for children aged 2 years and up. NEWS.

•    COLOR KIDS Kinetic Sand is play sand, which can be moulded and never-dries-out .Roll it, mould it or slice it anyway you like! This COLOR KIDS Kinetic Sand Sandbox Set lets you build fun sand shapes and never dries out! Recommended for children aged 5-10 years. Only in BR.

•    QUIXELS Turbo Dryer Set is a creative design set for kids aged 4-12 years. Dry your QIXELS creations super-fast with this Turbo Dryer and then display them in style! Recommended for children aged 4-12 years. ONLY in BR.

•    MY SWEET BOUTIQUE Magic Eyes Styling Head with light-up, colour-changing eyes to practice your amazing make-up techniqes. Her eyes change colour at the touch of a button so you can try lots of different colours and styles! Recommended for children aged 3-8 years. NEWS.

•    BEBBELINO Baby Doll.  Take care of your interactive Baby Doll that drinks from the bottle and then wees. Choose from Girl, Boy or Ethnic Girl. Recommended for children age 3-6 years.

•    MINIONS Tumbling Stewart. MINIONS, one of the most popular movies this summer and a tumbling version of its lead character Stuart is expected to be a big seller this holiday season. If he falls over he gets right back up again! With a soft body, this cute plush figure utters lots of MINIONS expressions and has a talkback function! Recommended for children aged 4-7 years. NEWS.

•    TJ JUICE Sonar Copter is an easy-to-fly RC helicopter with sonar. Lift off with the touch of a button and master your flying skills with this awesome TX Juice Sonar Copter. With ground-sensing, obstacle-avoiding sonar technology. Recommended for children aged 8-12 years. Only in BR.

•    LEGO FRIENDS Popstar bus. Drive with Livi the pop star on her amazing Tour Bus! Chill out in the living area and help Livi go through her fan mail before having fun singing karaoke on the TV with her friends Stephanie and Mia. Pump some tunes from the DJ decks as Livi joins them after rehearsal to get in the party mood. Then relax in the hot tub before Stephanie takes the wheel and drives Livi to the venue in time for the big show! Recommended for children aged 8-12 years.