BR and Red Cross partnership will raise funds for children in need

Play is important for all children. Giving more vulnerable children a chance to play, is the essence of a new partnership between BR and the Red Cross called “Play For Life”. The partnership will sell special teddy bears in BR stores and aim to raise more than DKK 2 million a year for vulnerable children in the Nordic countries and in the rest of the world.

A new partnership has been established between BR and Red Cross. The partnership has been formed in the recognition that playing is important for all children, but that play is often challenged – when disasters hit, when children are fleeing their home or when they grow up in deprived families. In these situations the Red Cross actively use play to improve the well-being of the affected children.  BR wants to support these activities.

“I am very proud of our partnership with the Red Cross. Our focus is all about children and I believe BR should help children in need and give them a chance to get the play experiences, which we know are so important for their development and well-being.  I believe the most effective way we can do so is by supporting and raising funds for the Red Cross in our stores and through our marketing all over the Nordics”, says Søren Torp Laursen, CEO in TOP-TOY, which operates BR.

When customers buy the Red Cross teddy in BR stores Red Cross is supported with 40 DKK

All proceeds from sales of the new Red Cross teddy – 40 DKK per teddy – goes to the Red Cross and their work with vulnerable children in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world. In addition customers can contribute further by donating 50 DKK through a partnership donation card.

”Play is an important part of Red Cross’ work with vulnerable children, and it should be an important part of any child’s everyday life. Unfortunately we see everywhere in the world that too many children live under circumstances which do not enable a childhood with play and safety. The partnership between BR and the Red Cross will contribute to giving this issue attention and will at the same time strengthen our work to help these children by raising money for our work both here at home and in the rest of the world” says Anders Ladekarl, Secretary General, Danish Red Cross.

Read the press release in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.


At the time of the launch the partnership involves the BR stores and the Red Cross organisation in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. There are more than 200 BR stores in these countries and more than 2.000 local Red Cross branches.  BR is operated by TOP-TOY. The partnership agreement runs for three years, and further activities for implementation during the partnership are currently in development.

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VP Communications & Sustainability

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Red Cross

Head of Department, Fundraising & Marketing

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Examples of how the Red Cross use play in their work with vulnerable children

  • In their work with vulnerable families the Red Cross use play and other activities to strengthen kids’ ability to handle challenging situations.
  • Play is used to restore some of the everyday for people, who are struck by catastrophes. When kids play, the entire society sees, that kids still have a joy of life, and that they can function even after a catastrophe.
  • Play is used so that the kids, through play, can communicate the stuff that would otherwise be hard to tell.