Big sale in Sweden and Finland

When 38 selected BR Toys and TOYS”R”US stores open in Sweden and Finland on January 16th, it will kick-off a big sale with 50% off everything. It will be first come, first served, so do not wait too long to visit.

In Sweden, 28 stores will open and in Finland 10 stores will be open. The full list of open stores as well as updated customer rights are available here.

The trustees and TOP-TOY employees have been working hard to get everything in place for the big sale, amongst others by moving products from the closed stores to the open ones to ensure that they are full of good deals.

The stores will stay open as long as there are still relevant products to sell, so no end date for the big sale is set yet, but you can stay updated here at It is not possible to shop online with BR Toys and TOYS”R”US anylonger, so visit one of the open stores.