A strong Christmas sales for TOP-TOY

Both wholesale and retail surpass budget goals with a strengthened gross margin and improved year-to-date result

Overall performance
All in all, the Christmas sales in both our retail stores , BR and TOYS”R”US, and wholesale business, NORSTAR, has been very satisfying. Our year-to-date-result after the Christmas sales is much stronger than both last year’s result for the same period and what we had budgeted for.

What popular toys crowded underneath the 2014 Christmas trees?
The indisputable toy winners of the 2014 race towards the Christmas trees were products from ‘FROZEN’ and ‘LEGO MINECRAFT’. They were off our shelves as quickly as we could put them on. Other popular products for Christmas 2014 were ‘Violetta’, ‘Fun Loom’, ‘Flying Fairies’ and ‘My Friend Cayla’.

Wholesale performance
NORSTAR has overall succeeded in improving year-to-date results to a very satisfying extent, and well executed saving initiatives in 2014 have had a positive effect on NORSTAR’s gross margin.

Retail Performance
The number of customers visiting BR and TOYS”R”US stores at Christmas grew with 2.5% compared to last year. At the same time, the net revenue of the period increased by a satisfying 2.7% and more importantly even, same-store-sales improved also.

In conclusion, we are more than content with the Christmas season 2014 and confident that we will be able to report a continuous positive development in the annual results for 2014/2015.